Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Douche of the Decade

"The world is not fair, and often fools, cowards,
liars and the selfish hide in high places. "
~Bryant H. McGill

I sometimes wonder when someone is going to write the definitive book "When Good Things Happen to Bad People."  Karl Rove deserves his own chapter for an intelligence devoted to exploring the Dark Side of the American psyche.

Karl Rove is Watergate's Donald Segretti gone rabid.

Whether steering the American Titanic that was George W. Bush's political career or making out like a bandit as a paid Faux News pundit and chicken circuit speaker at GOP functions, Rove the cynical opportunist has found his version of the American dream.

His niche is convincing people that black is white.

He outed a CIA agent to the press and yet was never prosecuted or fired.

He convinced Christian evangelicals to give, give, give for family values in electing Bush and they still aren't understanding how the con worked.

He has mastered doublespeak, outright lying and the big walkback when he sees the writing on the wall (see Christine O'Donnell).

He has trained a new generation of operatives who aren't as intelligent but are true believers in the political value of the con (see the dope who, after getting arrested in Landrieux's office, unsuccessfully attempted to seduce a CNN reporter onto his sex-toy prop-laden love barge; ditto that dope's mentor Breitbart).

He currently is hiding behind the Supreme's disastrous decision which enables unfettered and anonymous corporate funding which subverts democratic elections.

On a night when the news is broadcasting the inspiring and transfixing story of international cooperation in extracting 33 miners from deep in the bowels of the earth, I marvel and think of how that kind of effort applied to our domestic problems and other international issues would be so wonderful.  Great minds applied to urgent needs.  Our higher angels.

But then I think of Karl Rove and his ilk like Palin who are opportunists and frankly, my dear, don't give a damn about solving problems.  It's about celebrity, power, access to power and growing personal fortunes on the backs of fearful and uninformed joes and jills who 'want their country back,' but don't recognize that, just as the family values con, this too is a pipe dream. 

We can't go back - we must go forward.

Here's a clip of questions someone should have asked Rove while holding his feet to the fire of indignation back when it was immediate.  As flawed as he is personally (and aren't we all), Clinton is one of the quickest studies around on political matters.

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"I can't believe a word you say..."

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