Wednesday, September 22, 2010


My favorite season is here at last. 
The early-now nights a little crisper,
The trees prepare to launch the pirouetting leaves,
Between sun and shade, the illusion comes
Nature's ironic wink - recycle and replenish

My illusions are more obvious
Solitude approaching holidays tumbling one after another

Is this a reminder of endings or beginnings
The conflicting colors of autumn
The greens yielding to reds and golds and then muted earthtones
Influence my dreams
I think of you.

This season of our birthdays
Of manic election years memories
Of drives beneath a glowing harvest moon
Removing the car top
The last hurrah tbefore the grey rains come to stay
Passion's last play before hiatus

Autumn, you are my favorite child.

Cris 9-22-10

 Earworm for today:  Tim's favorite autumn song by Justin Hayward of the Moody Blues - an oh so poignant memory of concerts and long talks and longer moonlit drives:  Forever Autumn

Blog Photo Credit:  Anthony Dunn, Photographer  - Bidwell Park in Autumn


  1. Oh, what a lovely flash from the past, Cris! I just happened on this site via Rusty, checked my long neglected blog page and read your message there. A thousand apologies for just getting back to you. Yes, I too have seemed to have surrendered to all the 'bells and whistles' at FB. Yet, like all my old 360 friends, I long for those days of fun and quality blogging. HUGS

  2. Love Autumn, hate the holidays.

  3. When is your birthday? Same time as last year? I'm with Denurd. Love autumn, but holiday blues already staking claims.

  4. Same time last year, this year and next year!