Monday, August 30, 2010

Courting the Crimson King

The rusted chains of prison moons
Are shattered by the sun.
I walk a road, horizons change
The tournament's begun.
The purple piper plays his tune,
The choir softly sing;
Three lullabies in an ancient tongue,
For the court of the crimson king.

Lucifer in his study, hunched over computer, contemplating his next move. Suddenly, an instant message.

God:               U there?
Lucifer:           Hey, sup?
God:               Getting mixed signals from the third planet again.
Lucifer:           Now what?
God:               Beckfest on the DC Mall
Lucifer:           Oh, yeah.  He's one of my best - a real emo huckster....LOL
God:               I whispered "get educated"
Lucifer:           Good plan
God:               So he started his own university...WTF?    
Lucifer:           Just in time for election season.  Ain't Pride grand?
God:               UR asking for it...
Lucifer:           Hey, get jiggy with the media - he was the perfect tool.
Lucifer:           It only takes a microphone and a chalkboard and Fox News...
God:               W8 - I didn't give you that type of license.
Lucifer:           Yo, low overhead and a cut of all the dumb tees sold. Sweet!

The keeper of the city keys
Puts shutters on the dreams
I wait outside the pilgrim's door 
With insufficient schemes
The black queen chants the funeral march
The cracked brass bells will ring
To summon back the fire witch
To the court of the crimson king.

God:           U still there?
Lucifer:       Yup, just checking on the rally. Palin's up.
God:           I know - she just tweeted me -
God:           Wants me to friend her on Facebook -
Lucifer:       She's talking about supporting the military now...sshh
Lucifer:       Always a top ten platitude
God:           Be more impressed if she cared to get them home.
God:           All this just code for empire building
God:           Hers, mainly. She's the new Medusa of multi-tasking.
Lucifer:      With Obama as a candidate, I had to make a move
Lucifer:      My coalition of the willing was starting to crumble post-Bush.
Lucifer:      My deal with McCain is paying big dividends. *wink*
Lucifer:      I promised a few disillusioned Hillary fanatics...he found her.
Lucifer:      Doncha just love the way nothing she says makes sense?
God:          Empty words, empty promises, but not empty threats.
God:          I'm worried - the people are afraid...
God:          She's The Bedazzler - cheap decoration on low quality rhetoric
Lucifer:      I'm retuning her shrill voice so it numbs the brain
God:          Gawd! My ears!
Lucifer:      Damn, she's got it!  They think she speaks for them!
Lucifer:      Pride - lurv it!  L8tr homie - I'm getting a tingle up my leg...

The gardener plants an evergreen
Whilst trampling on a flower.
I chase the wind of a prism ship
To taste the sweet and sour.
The pattern juggler lifts his hand;
The orchestra begin.
As slowly turns the grinding wheel
In the court of the crimson king.

Lucifer:        Yo - big guy
God:             MMMM.
Lucifer:        Rally got ya down?
God:            Bummed....I see where this is goin'
Lucifer:        Whatcha got against restoring honor?
God:            I gave humans the enhanced 4.1 version of reptile brain... 
Lucifer:       That worried me at first...
God:            I had no idea it would lead to this!
Lucifer: and Bill Gates!
God:            Beck's cleverly masking his radical politics with my name
God:            It's the new code language - the end is never good
Lucifer:        What's a few mosque fires or threats against Obama?
God:            (mutters) Condemned to repeat, condemned to repeat
Lucifer:        They're ripe when they're just takes the right note
Lucifer:        Don't retreat - reload - that was one of mine.
God:            Beck and Palin - they'll ultimately fall - no there there.
God:            ...but chaos could ensue
Lucifer:        Exactly.  Face it, dude.  I'm ahead.
God:            No, your troops aren't bigger - just louder.
Lucifer:        Chill - it's just about the Benjamins for these two.  
Lucifer:        Nothing will happen - at least until the mid-term elections.
Lucifer:        C ya - gotta go post a blog and then do a spot on Limbaugh.
Lucifer:        Gotta warn about the dangers of x-ing the Crimson King
God:            L8tr    ;-)

On soft gray mornings widows cry
The wise men share a joke;
I run to grasp divining signs
To satisfy the hoax.
The yellow jester does not play
But gentle pulls the strings
And smiles as the puppets dance
In the court of the crimson king.

God (to himself):  Better check my Facebook page.  Time to repost that lesson about loving thy neighbor.

Apt earworm:  King Crimson...In the Court of the Crimson King...'nuff said.


  1. "The wise men share a joke...."
    "Face it, dude - I'm ahead"

    The joke, of course and as always, is on us.

    I'm afraid we're not likely to do as well as our parents and grandparents did. We don't have an FDR to stand up to them.

  2. astra---maybe it's not about having an FDR to stand up but rather about where we have been and why we are not standing up for our self..............maybe......there was a young girl i remember do you remember a young boy?---------chris--you made me cry i wanted to laugh but i cried----thankyou

  3. i don't know how to post here---i am old and i smoke and i need teeth but i am not anonymous.......did i mention that the orphan horse is healing and i need teeth---dental work for the uninsured---find a hurt horse and even though i identified as anonymous i am very much here---iamnada

  4. Fucking hilarious! Scary but hilarious. You should be writing screenplays or sitch coms. Since I ignored all cable news regarding this "event," I have no idea what transpired (I can only stand so much) but your parody seems strangely accurate. Write on, oh wise one!

  5. Now there's a fire down below
    But it's comin' up here
    So leave everything you know
    And carry only what you fear

    Just as every cop is a criminal
    And all the sinners saints
    As heads is tails just call me Lucifer
    I'm in need of some restraint

    Combined lyrics of Springsteen, Mick & Keith
    *Sympathy For The Devil

    (aka: denurd)