Saturday, July 24, 2010

Song Saturday - Nobody Knows You - Alberta Hunter

When in doubt or the two unscathed brain cells just won't compute for a long piece, revive a Y360 blogging prompt and share a favorite piece of music for your daily pensee....The photo, well, the dog is enough like my constant compnion Buster that I just have to use it.

The song, by Alberta Hunter, still kickin' it in her 80's in this video, is a great bluesy tune that Clapton revived for the younger generation....hey, that's me!

It calls to my mind the many today disenfranchised in America, most particularly the population afflicted by homelessness (if we peg them "the homeless," it only separates and stigmatizes).  Those seeking shelter today include families with children, veterans, people who sunk after being upside down on their mortgages and not just those stereotypical figures who used to be called vagrants, bums, hoboes and so on.

Today's tip, from a shelter provider:  Drop some sunscreen by your local shelter.  In most parts of the country, it's blazing hot and for those who don't have the luxury of air-conditioned comfort, particularly children, being out in the sun all day only adds to the misery index.

You'll feel connected....and that's what improves the human condition and changes hearts.

Take it away, Alberta.


  1. You're a genuine gem, my fellow Sag. We'd best all "know" one another in these times--helping our fellow man with any small thing to ease the way. Never know when we will be in want ourselves...

  2. As the diva from Wasilla might say, "You betcha!"