Sunday, July 11, 2010

Missionaries for Dinner & Other False Promises

If a politician found he had cannibals among his constituents, he would promise them missionaries for dinner. ~~ H. L. Mencken

Republicans used to be organized and moderate.  But there has been a distressing exodus of otherwise moderates in the GOP to supporting the lunatic but vocal fringe of birthers, American exceptionalism, and Obama is a (Socialist, Communist, Nazi...fill in your favorite meaningless epithet). 

The evolution of John McCain's descent into the nadir of pandering is almost complete.  Since Carolina voters were push-polled by Bush during the 2000 primary, a campaign trick that relied on innuendo, Southern fears and false information about the Bush opponent, McCain has steadily learned the Rovian playbook and moved increasingly to the Right in his campaigns and public policy.

I thought the nadir of his RINO (Republican in Name Only) pandering transformation was the selection of an inexperienced, no-nothing, fame-loving, evangelical Christianist, mother of a special needs child and grandmother-to-be as the running mate who, if elected, would be one fragile heartbeat away from the Presidency.  I guess I still haven't forgiven him for thrusting her onto the national stage and providing her with a platform to make millions off ignorant people through her ghost-written books and largely ghost-written tweets and FB plants.  She is an expert at telling the cannibals there will be missionaries for dinner.

McCain continues to degenerate - flip-flopping on immigration and increasingly taking hawkish stances on American imperialism.  His incumbency is in doubt and his opposition is a right wing flag-waving radio celebrity.  Such is the sorry state of politics in America today.  Election season is here.

YouTube:  Election Year Rag (Steve Goodman)


  1. Perfect, particularly the spot-on description of Lady Palin! I haven't kept up with McCain, too weary of all the histrionics playing out on the what claims to be the news these days but, like you, my respect for him as a moderate plummeted with that last election. I'm dreading whatever is the next election cycle (SO much vitriol, SO many repetitive TV ads, SO much bullshit) but it certainly is fodder for the verbal crowd, like us! Love your style...keep on keeping an eye on it all, Cris!

  2. That picture is too much - laughing out loud for real - otherwise, you're over my head again. Only because in politics, I swim in the shallow end.